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28, 29, 30 and 31/365 - Away and back

Had to go out of town on a business trip so I'm a little behind on the uploads. Me, checking my Blackberry and hanging at the Southwest terminal.

28/365 . . . leaving on a jet plane

Nothing much to shoot in the hotel room except myself so two self-portrait days in a row. For the record, the Marriot in downtown LA has very limited basic cable TV options. Thank goodness for the home DVR and the laptop to pass the time.

29/365 . . . hotel life

And back home . . .

30/365 . . . it's good to be home

I love little baby steps - the stiff knees, the balance checks. This little wagon is the perfect height for a new walker and has plenty of room to gather treasures.

31/365 . . . a boy and his wagon


Hannah said...

That last one is giving me the baby itch!! Love it :)

Carolyn Benik said...

super cute - I love the mood of the business trip shots! My baby is not far from walking, so that last shot almost makes me tear up, because I am not wanting her to hit all these milestones so quickly!

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