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55/365 . . . alley bokeh and a sixty four colors shot

There is something fantastic about an alley. Whether dark and narrow or wide and filled with light, they're like a little sanctuary off the busy city streets.

55/365 . . alley bokeh

There's a group on Flickr called sixty-four colors and each week they pick on the Crayola crayon colors. This week it's macaroni and cheese. Who knew there was a crayon with such a fabulous name? I saw this building in San Francisco's Chinatown and thought it was decidely macaroni and cheese-y.

macaroni and cheese

49-54/365 and a Bench Monday

Got a new computer and then had some technical difficulties getting it up and running so I have been MIA from uploading for a while.


This pretty much sums up my feelings on my computer issues.

51/365 . . . Things I love {my dog}

A shot of some TJ's blueberries before my kids downed the whole 1.5 pound tub in lightening speed.

Bench Monday- couch jumping edition
Bench Monday  . . . {jumping on the couch}

53/65 . . raindrop

And a little play with an intentionally out of focus shot. Not exactly what I envisioned by it is what it is.
54/365 . . . rain in the city

47 and 48/365. . . Shots in the city

This very cool sign in San Francisco's Chinatown is a couple blocks from my office. I love how it looks like it's been there forever.


While out for lunch I saw these bright red tulips in the plaza between two office buildings. A little splash of color in a sea of gray granite.


46/365 . . . my boy

I thought I was destined to be a mom of girls until this guy came along. I never knew having a boy could be so much fun!

46/365 . . . Things I love {my boy}

43, 44 and 45/365

43/365 . .  Things I love {a quiet spot}

A friend told me about a group that accepts gently used stuffed animals and donates them to kids affected by poverty, war or natural disasters like the Haiti earthquake. I can't bear to throw a stufed animal away and it's hard to find places that will take ones that aren't brand new so I was thrilled to hear about Loving Hugs (www.lovinghugs.org ) I pulled down a bag of animals from the attic today and am sending them off. I'm so glad they'll be able to have a new life somewhere and hopefully make a day a little easier for a child.

44/365 . . Things I love {a good cause}

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

45/365 . . . Things I love {my man}

42/365 and Fence Friday

42/365 . . . Things I love {color}

Fence Friday


Shot during my morning commute

41/365 . . . Things I love {a good view}

39 and 40/365

My daughter got her list of classmates for Valentine's cards and was so excited to get to work writing out their names. It's like she can barely contain herself to wait until Thursday to exchange them.
39/365 . . .Things I love {anticipation}

And I just loved this little gem on a San Francisco street

40/365 . . . Things I love {opportunity}

38/365 and Bench Monday

38/365 . . . Things I love {my second}

And a little fun on Bench Monday
Bench Monday . . . {stairs}
“The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs.”

35, 36 and 37/365 and a Fence Friday!

My husband and I went to a sushi making class and got to enjoy a little date night for the first time in, well, forever. I was using my camera bag as a tripod and it started to rain hard just as we shot this so no chance for a retake. Close enough :)

35/365 . . . Things I love {date night}

Fence Friday - Along Pier 7 in San Francisco

Fence Friday . . . {along the pier}

At the Ferry Building in San Francisco

36/365 . . . Things I love {a good market}

and today's shot . . .

37/365 . . Things I love {my first}

Ack! Bench Monday, 32, 33, and 34/365.

Got these up on Flickr but lagging on the blog posting.

Bench Monday  . . . red shoes

32/365 . . . Things I love {silliness}

33/365 . . . Things I love {comfort in faith}

34/365 . . . Things I love {a hint of Spring}
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