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43, 44 and 45/365

43/365 . .  Things I love {a quiet spot}

A friend told me about a group that accepts gently used stuffed animals and donates them to kids affected by poverty, war or natural disasters like the Haiti earthquake. I can't bear to throw a stufed animal away and it's hard to find places that will take ones that aren't brand new so I was thrilled to hear about Loving Hugs (www.lovinghugs.org ) I pulled down a bag of animals from the attic today and am sending them off. I'm so glad they'll be able to have a new life somewhere and hopefully make a day a little easier for a child.

44/365 . . Things I love {a good cause}

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

45/365 . . . Things I love {my man}


Hannah said...

Great pictures! I love the last one...very sweet.

Courtney said...

You and your husband are so cute!! Thanks for telling us about the loving hugs organization.

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