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28, 29, 30 and 31/365 - Away and back

Had to go out of town on a business trip so I'm a little behind on the uploads. Me, checking my Blackberry and hanging at the Southwest terminal.

28/365 . . . leaving on a jet plane

Nothing much to shoot in the hotel room except myself so two self-portrait days in a row. For the record, the Marriot in downtown LA has very limited basic cable TV options. Thank goodness for the home DVR and the laptop to pass the time.

29/365 . . . hotel life

And back home . . .

30/365 . . . it's good to be home

I love little baby steps - the stiff knees, the balance checks. This little wagon is the perfect height for a new walker and has plenty of room to gather treasures.

31/365 . . . a boy and his wagon

27/265 - Dream big

I've seen some cool shots of conversation hearts and thought I'd pick up a box. Among the silly and giddy sentiments was this little gem. I thought it was a good motto for the year (and for life in general).


25/365 and 26/365

I had a SP/Bench Monday thing going on but my focus fell too low so I went with the backup which from my way out in the morning. It's been raining here for days and days and this was the last of a series of storms. Hopefully we get a few dry days.


When I was my daughter's age I collected these little Strawberry Shortcake dolls. My mom saved them and now my girls are fascinated by them. They even still have a trace of their scent which is amazing (and a little disturbing).


23/365 and 24/365


23/365 . . . and quirky list


So I decided we'd take the bucket of old and broken crayons and make crayon hearts for the girls' classes for Valentine's Day. In case you are thinking of undertaking this project, I will tell you that peeling the paper off of crayons sounds way easier than it actually is. With Crayolas, it's like trying to get old wallpaper off. It comes off cheap crayons much more easily. As a trade off for sacrificing the old ones, we got a new set which will hopefully stay contained in it's neat little caddy.


Processed with Florabella Retro Lollipop.

22/365 - The joy of cupcakes

I for one am thrilled with the popularity of the cupcake. So sweet and good and like a little trip back to your childhood. This one belongs to my oldest daughter who opts for the vanilla/vanilla variety. Which I guess is lucky for me since it was working better in this shot than my chocolate/chocolate one.


21/365 - Pink chucks

I've got a thing for shoes. My husband calls it a "problem" but he's judgmental like that. ;) Shoes are like a smile for your feet. Pink, laceless Chucks = love in my book.


20/365 - I left my heart in San Francisco

It's 7:45 p.m., have you shot your photo of the day? I had not so I took this shot out my car window on the way home. Cable car, Tadich Grill - a little classic San Francisco. I love the look of a rainy street at night.


19/365 - Longing for spring

A little fun with some new textures.


18/365 - A boy and his dog

Our lab mix loves to sit in this window and watch the world go by. It's a good view on a rainy housebound day.


17/365 - A little window light on a rainy day

It's supposed to rain and rain and rain here. This was the first of our largely housebound days. We got some nice window light while playing "bus" on the bench seat.


16/365 - Scooter ride

Having a little fun on the scooter.


I love this expression.

And playing around with some processing on a quieter moment

14/365 and 15/365

I got the pictures done on the right day just not posted. I'm sure there will be a lot of days like that to come.

Enjoying a little post-dance class jump on the couch


and my little heartbreaker.


13/365 - Early shift

O'dark thirty. Today, I'm thankful for those people who get up at ungodly hours to make civilized life possible for the rest of us.


12/365 - Slow starters

Well, it's not pretty but it's life. My kids are not morning people. They have to ease into the day with some breakfast and a little mindless tv.


Happy Birthday I Heart Faces!

Just having a little fun with I Heart Faces weekly photo challenge. This week's challenge is "Best Face Photo." I love this sweet face!

I Heart Faces is celebrating their first birthday this week! Check them out at www.iheartfaces.com for tips, challenges, and awesome contests.

11/365 - Monday

It's a cold Monday here. Back to the grind.


10/365 - Little boy

After two girly girls I thought I was destined to me a mom of girls but then this little guy came along and he just melts my heart.


9/365 - Hopscotch

Playing a little hopscotch in the school yard. I was thinking that there is such a small window in life when one plays hopscotch but during those fleeting years it's so much fun.


8/365 - Urban walk

One of the benefits of this 365 project is that it has forced me to get out of the office and walk around. I'm so used to running out and grabbing something to eat at my desk. Today I discovered some very cool alleys in the blocks around Union Square.


7/365 - Morning routine

Such a long day today. Work followed by not one but two meetings - ugh. Rolling in the door at 10 p.m. is too late for this old gal. Just a shot from my morning routine. Perhaps it's the little girl in me but I'm a sucker for lotions, potions and all kinds of girly girl things (and the Sephora friends and family sale).

IMG_9303_0064 sRGB ii 72

6/365 - Tire swing


5/365 - The Ferry Building

A bucket of lavender at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. The Ferry Building is rich and filled with everything wonderful - good food, chocolate, cheese, and wine.

4/365 - China Town

Strings of these lanterns hang across Grant Avenue in San Francisco's China Town. I love the contrast of all the color of China Town as it butts up against the Financial District.

3/365 - Silly sisters

It is good for the soul to have someone to be silly with.

2/365 - Roller Skating

The girls got roller skates for Christmas and they couldn't be more excited. Though at this stage their enthusiasm far exceeds their ability. I dusted off my roller blades after many, many years to join them and am happy to report it comes right back to you. We had lots of fun and S enjoyed a break from the action in the leaves.

1/365 - Happy New Year!

Happy 2010! It's the start of a new year which brings the inevitable New Year's resolutions. This year, I hope to complete a 365 - a photo a day for every day in 2010 (oh, and get in shape too - surprise, surprise). Hopefully I'll document some family moments and improve my photography skills along the way. This first shot is of Bleu. Today is his birthday. Or, more accurately, today is the day the pound assigned as his birthday seven years ago. He's 10-ish but young at heart. Happy birthday big guy!


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