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So I decided we'd take the bucket of old and broken crayons and make crayon hearts for the girls' classes for Valentine's Day. In case you are thinking of undertaking this project, I will tell you that peeling the paper off of crayons sounds way easier than it actually is. With Crayolas, it's like trying to get old wallpaper off. It comes off cheap crayons much more easily. As a trade off for sacrificing the old ones, we got a new set which will hopefully stay contained in it's neat little caddy.


Processed with Florabella Retro Lollipop.


Courtney said...

Beautiful photo of your daughter!! I LOVE brand new crayons!!!

Allison said...

Great pic, it's like I can smell the crayons...it's my favorite smell! :)

Hannah said...

That picture of your daughter is stunning.

Love Florabella!!

Megan said...

Oh... crayons! Such fond memories of childhood :) The processing works really well!

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