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175/365 . . . {tagged}

175/365 . . . {tagged}, originally uploaded by murpheyblue.

I was tagged (on Flickr) by the wildly talented Sarah of Image Bearers. www.flickr.com/photos/theanimatorswife/ so I thought I'd post my responses here too.

Five names you go by:
murpheyblue (just as an online name – I’m stretching here)

Three things you are wearing right now (well, yesterday when I originally post this):
black dress
black heels
Long, camel colored sweater coat. It's summer in San Francisco and it's freezing.

Four things you want very badly at this moment:
a vacation
someone to do my laundry
my house to be decluttered. I swear the junk multiplies when I'm not looking.

Three people who will answer this.

Two things you did last night:
Ate Spaghetti Carbonora. So bad for you but soooo good (and easy too). Caught up on Top Chef DC.

Last two people you talked to on the phone:
I’m not a phone talker at all. My most recent calls today have been work calls. As far as personal calls, my oldest daughter called this monring. She's at her grandmother's for a few days which she usually just loves but she had a rough night and she was sad this morning saying she missed us. :( We'll have to plan something fun for the weekend.

Two things you are going to do tomorrow:
Hmm, not sure. Something fun with the family. I've got to go to Target for a new lunch box for the middle kid. While there I will fill my cart with 101 things that I didn't intend to buy when I walked in. Target has that effect on me.

Three favorite drinks:
Diet Coke
Probably a good glass of wine or a nice cold beer but that doesn't sound good so I'll say Arnold Palmers

random fact:
I love cereal and milk. I could eat it all the time. My pantry looks like Jerry Seinfeld's.

Would love to hear about everyone else. Play along if you want!

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elizabeth said...

love this picture in black and white -
and I laughed when reading your post -
target has the same effect on me - not sure what happens when I walk through those doors -
I go in for one thing -
come out with a hundred!!!

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