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174/365 . . . hands full

174/365 . . . hands full, originally uploaded by murpheyblue.

I feel like this picture requires an explanation. The girls got a new package of sidewalk chalk from a birthday party. My son was so excited about it and he kept trying to pick up all the little bundles at once but his little arms weren't long enough to hold all his priczs so he would inevitably drop one, bend down to pick it up and drop another. He was persistent though and occasionally triumphed and got all three in his arms.

In other news, I've decided to start watermarking my images which feels, well, weird. But then there are lots of weirdos out there and it's one small (perhaps needless, perhaps futile) step to protect my images (not from here so much as Flickr). At least it gives someone a fighting chance of telling me if they see an image that was taken, kwim? Still feels weird though.


Alexandra said...

I just love checking in on your blog Ali! The images are gems! Unfortunately you do need the watermarks. My photo blog came to a halt last year b/c I did not know how to watermark- it's on my "to do" list of things to learn.

Looking foward to meeting up in two weeks!

Anonymous said...

This shot made me smile :)
Nice shot Ali.

elizabeth said...

love this photo`
- good idea on the watermarking too -

Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet photo! Love it!

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