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Hey 365ers . . . or anyone thinking of doing a 365

I loved everything about this post by Madeline Bea on her blog.  http://madelinebea.com/blog/2010/08/365-days-plus-thirty/   Now, she's undertaking her second 365 and is assembling a group of people doing the same (start time is irrelevant).  A little support never hurts right?

Check it out here--> http://madelinebea.com/blog/365-days-a-photographic-journey/

Picking a sweet one

Picking a sweet one, originally uploaded by murpheyblue {ali c}.

The last vestiges of summer

Few foods say sumer to me more than a caprese salad. The tomatoes from the farmer's market were so yummy!

buds and bokeh

buds and bokeh, originally uploaded by murpheyblue {ali c}.

Back to School time

Playing catch up . . .

What else is new?

In a sea of flowers

In a sea of flowers, originally uploaded by murpheyblue {ali c}.
Trying to catch up on some 365 uploads . . .

yeah buddy, me too

yeah buddy, me too, originally uploaded by murpheyblue {ali c}.

Ever have a day like this? I feel like somewhere along the line I raised my hand for too many things. This month seems to have every activtity and obligation going crazy. I'm pooped!

, originally uploaded by murpheyblue {ali c}.

I had grand aspirations for some cute shots on this new stool I got but she wasn't in the mood. The good thing about the stool is that it's high so she was kind of stuck on it for at least one shot.

, originally uploaded by murpheyblue {ali c}.
His big sisters were playing peek-a-boo with him. He was so excited when they appeared!

Some more workshop images

Here are some more images from Brianna Graham's workshop in Salt Lake City.

Gorgeous senior

Gorgeous senior, originally uploaded by murpheyblue {ali c}.
I've been out of town travelling - part work and part fun - and hopelessly behind in processing and uploading my 365 shots. The fun part of my trip was my first in person workshop. It was with Brianna Graham and I had such a blast. We got to work with the most gorgeous seniors! I've got a ridiculous number of files to process but this is one of the first ones.

golden light

golden light, originally uploaded by murpheyblue {ali c}.
I've been playing around with Lightroom and trying to figure it out because people seem to love it and they say it speeds up editing time. Right now all it's doing is slowing me down (though I'm pretty sure that's my fault not the program's) but I'm committed to giving it a shot.

This is actually the second time I've tried. The first time I threw my hands up. So I guess I'm resiliant. Or just a glutton for punishment.

In a pear tree

In a pear tree, originally uploaded by murpheyblue {ali c}.

The old pear orchards largely gave way to suburbia decades ago but there are still a few vestiges of them around.

I have been so busy but hope to catch up on everyone's blogs!

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