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golden light

golden light, originally uploaded by murpheyblue {ali c}.
I've been playing around with Lightroom and trying to figure it out because people seem to love it and they say it speeds up editing time. Right now all it's doing is slowing me down (though I'm pretty sure that's my fault not the program's) but I'm committed to giving it a shot.

This is actually the second time I've tried. The first time I threw my hands up. So I guess I'm resiliant. Or just a glutton for punishment.


Laurie said...

Love this one! I don't have LR, but all of the presets and tutorials out there lately are really tempting me :)

Jen B. said...

Keep trying. You will love it. LR has saved me sooo much time in post processing! The "save/paste settings" option is what I use the most for applying the same settings to a batch of photos with the same exposure. Also love the skin softening and that all the settings are in one place...rather than having to go into separate menus in PS.

Courtney said...

Wow!! Just beautiful!! I really want to get LR. Looking forward to hearing if you love it :O) He is the best expression in this one :O)

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