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89/365 . . . ranunculus

"If you've never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom." — Audra Foveo

The nice man at the Tuesday farmer's market always has the most lovely ranunculus blossoms. I just adore their seemingly endless layers of petals.

89/365 . . . ranunculus

I heart faces - dramatic black and white week

Every parent who has tried to take pictures of their kids has probably seen this look staring back at them at some point. And while it is always a pleasure to capture the moments of joy, the belly laughs, the sheer and simple delights of childhood there is something special too in the moody, pensive and sometimes just plain pouty moments. This shot of my oldest daughter captures that latter mood for me.

If you don't know them already check out http://www.iheartfaces.blogspot.com/ for lots of awesome tips, contests, and this week's entries for dramatic black and whites! The incredible Tara Whitney is this week's guest judge!


"Beauty is not caused. It is." Emily Dickinson

Kind of a dark and dreary day here yesterday. During a break in the heavy rain, I found these flowers on the side of a parking lot.



This is the face of a determined child. We went to the local Easter egg hunt yesterday. Lots of photos to go through but at the end of this long day this one stuck out at me. This child is a piece of work. Deceivingly adorable and wickedly funny but, at times, exasperating. I love her to death but some days she wears me out.

87/365 . . . my button pusher

86/365 . . . egg dying


84/365 - spring has sprung
84/365 . . . spring has sprung

83/365 . . . making dinner


Got behind on my uploads and then got totally - and I mean totally - laid out by a bout of food poisoning. Talk about miserable. Back on track!

My oldest lost her first tooth over the weekend and couldn't be more excited. Though all the anticipation was almost too much for her. As she was going to bed I found her sitting on the edge of the bunk and she burst into tears telling me that if the tooth fairy took her tooth she'd never see it again. We managed to broker a deal that would allow for a tooth fairy visit without having to surrender the sentimental first tooth. She's got a second one loose now so we'll see if she's ready to give that one up when the time comes.

82/365 . . . a milestone

This shot is actually a cheat. I took it on Sunday, but I'm attributing it to Monday, because I felt like I was on death's door.
81/365 . . . cheating

My middle child has a major sweet tooth. She is always trying to find a way to have another piece of candy or to fit another treat into her day. I discovered that the basket of Cadbury Mini Eggs (which admittedly are worth risking life and limb for) were not safe on the shelf which I thought was out of her reach.

80/365 . . . candy caper

79/365 . . . sisters

This is from the night of the elementary school sock hop. My daughter was so excited for an excuse to wear her Halloween costume again.

78/365 . . . Date with Dad

77/365 . . . March Madness

I'm not actually much of a basketball fan but I love March Madness. Gotta root for the old alma mater!

77/365 . . . March Madness

76/365 . . . St. Patrick's Day

"Don't look back unless you can smile; don't look ahead unless you can dream."
— Irish motto

I'm a little late as it's probably no longer St. Patrick's Day for most of you. I've got a few more hours here.

74 and 75/365

Not the best diptych but my little guy learned how to blow kisses. Just melts my heart!

and 75/365 - some gorgeous flowers from the Farmer's Market

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
— Eleanor Roosevelt

73/365 . . . A Day in the City

We spent the day in San Francisco yesterday. It was glorious - warm and clear - and such a treat to have a relaxing family day.


Megan in BW

A Bench Monday shot - seaside edition
Bench Monday . . . {seaside edition}

Bench Monday . . . {seaside edition}


It's been a long week - busy at work and lots of after work commitments. It was great to finally be home today and get to spend a great day with the kids.





70/365 . . . Ferry Building at night

I was drawing a little inspiration from For the Love of Color week on Flickr
69/365 - red

68/365 - purple (can I tell how hard it is to find purple in the Financial District LOL)
68/365 . . . in a futile search for purple

67/365 - blue
67/365 . . . Blue Monday


I got a new computer and now I can't seem to copy my uploads from Flickr. More than a bit annoying.

66/365 . . . a little more yellow

Color fun on yellow Sunday
Yellow Sunday


For "for the love of color week" on Flickr - pink Friday
64/365 . . . hot pink Friday

63/365 . .  farmer's market flowers

62/365 . . . tiara

56-61/365 . . . catching up

"I have never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude."
-Henry David Thoreau
62/365 . . . caught up

No time to shoot anything yesterday so settled for a picture of the sleeping baby. I have two thumb suckers and I can never seem to quite capture it right. I'll have to figure it out before they grow out of it.


So mom, how many days are left in this 365 project?
60/365 . . . how many days are left

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." — Maya Angelou
59/365 . . style

I love this time of year at Trader Joe's. When they have the boxes of daffodils stems on the way in. No water, no fuss, just bunches of waiting to bloom daffodils for a little over a buck. You just can't beat that!
57/365 . . . daffodils


No time to shoot on Thursday so I brought my camera to the elementary school science fair. Let's just say, less than ideal conditions LOL. My daughter did a project on static electricity with her little buddy and was pretty proud of herself for display. Working the ole static hair trick with a ballon here.

56/365 . . . science fair
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