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Got behind on my uploads and then got totally - and I mean totally - laid out by a bout of food poisoning. Talk about miserable. Back on track!

My oldest lost her first tooth over the weekend and couldn't be more excited. Though all the anticipation was almost too much for her. As she was going to bed I found her sitting on the edge of the bunk and she burst into tears telling me that if the tooth fairy took her tooth she'd never see it again. We managed to broker a deal that would allow for a tooth fairy visit without having to surrender the sentimental first tooth. She's got a second one loose now so we'll see if she's ready to give that one up when the time comes.

82/365 . . . a milestone

This shot is actually a cheat. I took it on Sunday, but I'm attributing it to Monday, because I felt like I was on death's door.
81/365 . . . cheating

My middle child has a major sweet tooth. She is always trying to find a way to have another piece of candy or to fit another treat into her day. I discovered that the basket of Cadbury Mini Eggs (which admittedly are worth risking life and limb for) were not safe on the shelf which I thought was out of her reach.

80/365 . . . candy caper

79/365 . . . sisters

This is from the night of the elementary school sock hop. My daughter was so excited for an excuse to wear her Halloween costume again.

78/365 . . . Date with Dad


Courtney said...

Hope you feel better! These are beautiful! Love the one of your daughter sneaking some candy :O)

Amanda said...

Loving the photos. Tell your daughter to stay at my house, the tooth fairy always forgets to pick up the tooth :P...I'm such a bad mom lol...

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